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We’ve added more ways to fundraise

You asked, and we heard you! There are now three ways to fundraise on Projects for Good.

Defined Goal

You define the fundraiser goal based on what is required to complete your project. If your fundraiser reaches 80% of the goal (the “Tipping Point”), you will receive the funds raised.

Flexible Goal

This is our simplest type of fundraiser and works best for projects that will benefit from any amount of money. You get to keep what you raise regardless of whether you meet your goal.

Multi Stage

By breaking your funding goals into multiple stages, each with a clear outcome, you can control what funding is most necessary and what can wait.

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Success Stories

Andrew Malais

$1365 raised for The Joshua Tree Trash Map Project

We love clean up projects since they make a huge impact on local parks, beaches, or deserts. Andrew saw how illegal dump sites were affecting Joshua Tree and knew he needed to do something. He had created a map of the dump sites, but needed funds for a truck, supplies, and paid labor. With his fundraiser a success, Andrew was able to make Joshua Tree a better place. Check out his project to see how you could start your own clean up project or browse other successful projects below.

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