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We may not be doomed. We all want to give our children a healthy climate like our grandparents had. That’s Climate Restoration. The Healthy Climate Alliance is raising awareness and acceptance of climate restoration as a goal. This project is a demonstration of climate restoration in action.
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Project Story

Finally!!! A technology to capture and sequester carbon is at our fingertips and needs your help!


It’s time we stop pointing at the crisis our planet is facing, and instead build the solutions we desperately need.


We are excited to announce one of those key solutions is ready to roll out, but needs us to rally for it to scale...


Blue Planet has been turning CO2 into limestone for concrete for years. They have been using industrial flue gases as their source of CO2, but now, by pairing their technology with Direct Air Capture technology, they can use CO2 straight from the air.


We can actually use this concrete to build our cities…


However the planet needs your help to fund the prototype so we can improve and scale this solution!


Here’s the backstory...


Over the last two hundred years, we needed energy to develop our civilizations, and we got that energy from burning fossil fuels. The CO2 emitted from this process is a greenhouse gas that stays in the atmosphere for a thousand years.



Greenhouse gases prevent the Earth from cooling, and over the last few decades, as our population grew from 3B in 1960 to 7.5 billion today, CO2 concentration reached dangerous levels.


As a result, the average global temperature of Earth is rising, and we see more and more droughts, wildfires, violent storms and sea level rise, putting millions of people and billions of dollars at risk. 


CO2 is removed from the atmosphere naturally as a building material for ecosystems such as forests and ocean life. However, these natural processes take thousands of years, and we need to remove the excess CO2 from the air within the next three decades.


There has been an increasing focus in the past few years on methods of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. However, skeptics rightly point out that these processes are expensive and inefficient. Our goal is to improve these processes by ensuring that CO2 removed from the air has a commercial application that 1) makes the process commercially viable and 2) permanently sequesters the CO2. (Some commercial applications like biofuel, carbonating soda, or pumping CO2 into greenhouses, only temporarily sequester the CO2 before releasing it back into the atmosphere.)


Our solution removes CO2 from the air quickly, permanently, and profitably so that we can meet this goal.


A team of engineers is working in partnership with the Foundation for Climate Restoration to develop a cost-effective solution that can work in conjunction with Blue Planet’s proven technology to remove CO2 from the air. 


In order to remove CO2 from the air, our engineers are building a solution based on the research and development efforts of the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University (ASU). This academic group headed by professor Klaus Lackner is developing a DAC technology based on a humidity swing process


The complete solution would captureCO2 from the air using a DAC (Direct Air Capture) machine, and that  CO2 would be used to produce aggregate for construction using Blue Planet’s technology.



Blue Planet has developed a process for creating gravel from CO2 at low cost, competitive with quarried rock.


This solution could allow humanity to sequester most of the excess CO2 in the atmosphere permanently into our built environment, and it could easily scale: the global demand for aggregate is 54 Gt per year, doubling every 12 years. If that were all supplied from mining the air, rather than from quarries, we could remove all trillion tons of excess CO2 in the atmosphere in 30-40 years. 


Additionally, this approach reduces further damage to the environment, reduces transportation-related emissions, and is actually able to capture the CO2 emitted by the cement-making process and turn it into more limestone. 


Blue Planet’s first commercial plant is going on-line in the San Francisco area in late 2018. We are looking at how to scale from there, and it all starts with this first campaign…


So what do you say? 

Can you help be a part of this?

With your dollar or your shares we appreciate your help...


Thanks for being a Climate Restoration Ally!



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