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We may not be doomed. We all want to give our children a healthy climate like our grandparents had. That’s Climate Restoration. The Healthy Climate Alliance is raising awareness and acceptance of climate restoration as a goal. This project is a demonstration of climate restoration in action.
Foundation for Climate Restoration
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Where’s HCA based?
We are based in Silicon Valley and have active members throughout the U.S. and internationally.
What’s HCA’s main goal?
We want climate restoration to become a recognized, understood, and accepted global goal beyond current strategies of mitigation and adaptation. We want world government, business, community, moral leaders, and policymakers to adopt climate restoration policies. And we want the public to demand it. We are also encouraging organizations that finance those projects that can scale up to restore the climate, as well as those that ensure the safety and good governance of the technologies.
What is the Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA)?
We’re a new and fast-growing organization working with other climate actors (community and business leaders, policymakers, activists, scientists, communicators) to bring the hopeful idea of restoring a healthy climate into the global climate conversation.
Who’s involved at HCA?
Our core team and advisors include climate advocates, doctoral candidates, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Our members are even more wide-ranging, including members of clergy, professors, researchers, engineers, media experts, and more.
What does “climate restoration” mean?
Climate restoration means giving our children the same climate our grandparents gave us. Technically that means getting atmospheric CO2 levels back to 300 ppm or below and restoring seasonal ice in the Russian Arctic by 2050. These measures will generally restore ocean acidity, normal weather patterns, and arctic ice. They will also largely prevent massive methane emission from melting permafrost.
Is it possible to restore a healthy climate (300 ppm CO2 by 2050)?
YES, it’s possible! But it’s impossible if we don’t try. Existing methods (or technologies?) can remove the required CO2 from the atmosphere and restore the arctic ice. Many new technologies are in development. What’s required now is the political and public will to do it.
What’s at stake?
A consensus of scientists agrees that 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming will lead to grave and irreversible damage to our world and human society. (The Paris Agreements set an aspirational goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius, reflecting the many consequences of even that level.) Our survival as humanity comes into question on a planet that regularly experiences temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, extreme weather, and sea level rise. With droughts and crop failures, refugees could go from today’s 65 million to a billion, with all the social and cultural unrest that follows.
How much would it cost to restore a healthy climate by 2050?
Expected methods of CO2 removal could cost considerably less than 2% of global GDP, and Arctic ice restoration would cost a small fraction of that. A peer reviewed paper coming out in February 2018 is expected to show that it will be more cost-effective to target and achieve 300 ppm CO2 than to limit our ambitions to existing targets like the Paris Agreements.
What’s HCA’s vision for the future?
Our vision is to bring together scientists, engineers, funders/philanthropists, faith leaders, policy makers and others, aligning on the goal of leaving our children and future generations a healthy climate and a thriving planet. By creating demand for climate restoration, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers will find support, both financial and moral, for restoring the climate safely and quickly.
How is HCA an “alliance”?
We unite in research, planning and action people in the technical, business, policy, faith and spirituality, and grassroots activism worlds. A majority of people are already concerned about their futures as our climate changes. HCA assembles people of different backgrounds to contribute their unique expertise to advancing awareness and action for climate restoration.
I’m in! What’s an easy way to start?
People are just starting to hear about reversing global warming and to realize that climate restoration is possible. We want that to change. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date. You can learn more and start spreading the word to your friends and family. You can let your local government representatives know you’d like to see them reflect your desire for a healthy climate for your children in their climate policies and resolutions. You can donate to HCA (email us at [email protected] to find out how). And soon you’ll be able to donate to or invest in climate restoration technologies and organizations.
How did HCA start?
Founder Peter Fiekowsky was advising the grassroots Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) when he asked its team, “What’s CCL’s ultimate goal?” Their interim goal was to pass legislation to put a price on carbon. But no one had looked out to the long-term goal. Peter led a new “100-year team” to pursue the question. They ultimately came up with the answer: The goal is to “restore the climate for our children”. That led to Peter forming the HCA in 2015.
What action does HCA propose for CO2?
HCA advocates a multi-pronged approach that continues the essential work to reduce emissions and transition to clean renewable energy sources. We add to that removing 1 trillion tons of excess CO2 from the atmosphere.
What about the Arctic and Antarctica?
We propose steps to restore the polar ice—the most critical and least well-known issue of our time. The loss of ice is exacerbating extreme weather events by disrupting the normal climactic flow. Heat absorption by dark Arctic waters that used to be covered by reflective ice drives approximately half of the warming we now experience.
How does HCA get out its messages and news?
We publish a weekly newsletter and a blog and we’re starting to get media attention to our organization and to our goals, so we can change the narratives about climate from despair and dystopia to hope and health.
What’s HCA working on right now?
As of early 2018, we’re getting peer-reviewed research on climate restoration conducted and published. We’re working with key high-level officials at the UN, the Vatican, and elsewhere to increase awareness of climate restoration and to get it adopted as an official goal by major organizations.
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