Laos Moon Bear Rescue

Moon bears in Asia are captured for their bile, which is extracted using cruel, painful procedures and sold as traditional medicine. Captured as cubs, these bears spend their entire lives in filthy and cramped cages. With your help, we can spread the word of this horrible practice and put pressure on the Laos government.
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Our Mission

Endangered Species Revenge aims to teach youth and adults in Asia, America and Europe about the horrifying treatment of captive moon bears (aka Asiatic black bears) in the so-called “bear bile farming” industry – to mount pressure on all Asian countries to outlaw the practice, and change attitudes - to decrease demand for bear bile products. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards making a groundbreaking film which exposes the cruel practice of bear bile farming to Americans, Europeans, Asians and others across the world, in order to educate and spread the word of this horrible practice.

Moon Bear Bile Farms
Moon bears are highly intelligent and emotional bears whose name comes from the yellow crescent-moon-shaped mark on their chests. Sadly, their numbers are plummeting in the wild because poachers shoot bear mothers – then lock their cubs in square cages that are so small, the bears cannot even turn around their entire, sad lives - sometimes up to 15 years! A tube is forced through their abdomen into their gallbladder and their captors painfully extract liquid bile from their gallbladder 2-4 times per day. 
The bears suffer infections, tumors, physical disabilities and psychological trauma. This torture is done in the name of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – which claims bear bile treats a variety of non-lethal human conditions ranging from headaches to arthritis - and gives people "bear energy". Although the desired substance in bear bile, a chemical produced by all mammals called ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), may show medicinal properties for liver & gallbladder ailments, UDCA can now be synthetically-produced cheaply, and herbal substitutes also exist.
Unfortunately, industrial-scale corporate “bear bile farms” are a miserable, multi-million dollar, legal business in China today - and so much bear bile is being produced that there is excess supply – resulting in bear bile being sold in everything from shampoo, to creams, to wine to energy drinks.
Bear bile demand exists in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, the U.S., and Canada.
ESR and its Partners
Endangered Species Revenge (ESR) is the first wildlife conservation group to produce short films that combine top-notch science, humor and professional animation to teach people about urgent projects to save endangered animals and save coral from climate change. 
We partner with the world’s top conservation scientists to raise money for their urgent projects. Our scientists lead small to mid-sized grassroots non-profits which spend nearly all of their money on fieldwork, with little overhead, ensuring your donations are working efficiently.

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