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Oceans For Good

San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico
Did you know the ocean can be used as a means of therapy for children with autism and other types of neurological conditions? This is what this project is all about, using the tremendous positive energy of the ocean to help children with these types of conditions.
Jennifer Robbins
United States
Defined Goal
raised of $1,000 goal

Project Story

What This Project Is All About


This project is about tapping into the healing energy of the ocean and using it as a means of therapy to benefit children with autism and other types of neurological conditions. There are several organizations around the world which are currently promoting and putting into action this type of ocean therapy, which is helping children with these kinds of conditions in a big way. The goal of this project is to raise the funds necessary to sponsor four local events annually in the San Blas area of Nayarit, Mexico that will provide ocean therapy for local children with these types of conditions.


How can you help make this a reality? By making a donation to this project, whatever you are comfortable with, even a $5 dollar donation will make a difference and be greatly appreciated by the lives it touches.



The idea to start sponsoring organized ocean therapy events with the idea of helping the local children came to me after hearing a friend of mine speak about a little 8yr old boy he had taken out for a surf earlier that day. 


This boy had been suffering from epileptic seizures for most of his life. Before my friend started taking him out on his longboard he was having between 8 and 10 seizures a day, and rarely was able to sleep more than 3 hours straight. He hardly had any attention span and extremely difficult child to parent. His condition not only affected the child himself but his whole family as well.


After his very first session in the water, something began to change. He became calmer, could more easily focus and began to be able to sleep the whole night, and amazing development not only for the child but for his parents and siblings as well. After hearing about this little boy I began to google around to see if there were organizations out there doing something along these lines and found several. 


No one knows exactly how or why the ocean has such a positive effect on children affected by neurological afflictions; one theory is that since the experience of being in ocean is such a stimulation one that the brain, to put it very simply gets overwhelmed, which leads to a calming effect later on once the stimulation is removed. 


Our mission here in this life is to serve our fellow human beings and the world in which we live in any way we can.  If this project sounds like a good way to make that happen, then please donate whatever amount you feel comfortable with, even five dollars has the ability to do a lot of good and will be greatly appreciated by every life it touches.




I am currently trying to team up with other organizations which use the ocean as a means of therapy, and the recently formed International Surf Therapy Organization, (ISTO) has also offered to help me guide me as I bring this dream into reality. 




Why Mexico? Why San Blas? 


Because I live here, and I love it here. This is a poor area with little resources.  Unfortunately, public welfare programs are still basically nonexistent here. I would like to turn my love and deep appreciation for the ocean and for everything it has given me into a way to help children in this area, as well as children from abroad whose families have the means to travel down to this beautiful area, in which case I think the family would benefit as well from a spending a nice time together in a beautiful area while their child receives therapy and is taken out for a surf.




What I Need To Get Started 


In order to make these events a reality we need to raise $200 USD per event....a very small amount of money which will make a HUGE impact in the lives of the children it will benefit. Ideally I would like to raise enough additional funds to purchase 4/5 either used or new soft top surfboards which will be used by the children participating in the event, rash guards to protect the kids from the sun while they are in the water, leashes, a large tent, and two large tables. Donations will also be used to provide the participants with a picnic lunch on the day of the event. 



I want to help people and I know I have a gift to be able to do so. Using the ocean as a means of therapy seems like it would be a natural fit for me to do this. I once got a fortune out of a fortune cookie that read, "Your work must be meaningful to your heart for it to be successful". I think of this project and now understand the message it was intending to communicate.




How you can help…

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