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Downtown Streets Team is ending homelessness by restoring the dignity and rebuilding the lives of unhoused men and women.


Downtown Streets Team is ending homelessness by restoring the dignity and rebuilding the lives of unhoused men and women. 

Founded in 2005, Downtown Streets Team is now beautifying seven Bay Area communities: Hayward, Novato, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose, San Rafael and Sunnyvale, with more on the way. We now serve over 750 unhoused men and women a year with almost 50 staff members and growing. Our goal is to end homelessness in our lifetime: one community at a time.
Our Values
  • People are our biggest asset 
  • B.A.M.N! (by any means necessary!) 
  • Don't make an appointment for something you can do now 
  • Every success is a celebration 
  • Fail fast and often 
  • Challenge complacency 
  • Everyone is a utility player 
  • Value passion over paper 
  • Personalize, don't generalize 
  • Keep your eye on the prize (play chess, not checkers) 
  • Culture is a shared responsibility 
  • Promise effort, not results 
  • Personal development never ends 
  • Team Member is a proper noun 
  • Share the solution, not the problem 
  • It always seems impossible until it's done 
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
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Marin Mobile Showers
A morning shower is the one of the most important ways to start your day. For many of DST's Team Members, a shower at all is hard to come by, especially for those experiencing homelessness. Marin Mobile Showers is providing free shower services to the unhoused population throughout Marin County, five days a week. Check it out here: The vision for the mobile showers was cast over a year ago and steps have been falling into place since then. After receiving a donated trailer, Marin Project Manage - Karen, was dead set on seeing her vision come true.
Kartma: The Kart with Heart
In 2005, Downtown Streets Team launched it's first Social Enterprise, Kartma. Known as "the Kart with a Heart", Kartma began on a mission to employ and pay a living wage to those experiencing homelessness and provide the best coffee to San Jose. A team of staff members began Kartma by sourcing funders and partners through strategic methods. DST secured sponsorship through Chromatic Coffee Roasters, who agreed to provide coffee and collateral, training to new baristas, and ongoing support. Chromatic's partnership with DST was paramount to the success of Kartma. After then securing a mobile coffee cart, staff spent a considerable amount of time researching areas in San Jose that would provide enough pedestrian traffic to make the Kart with Heart successful. Leveraging a relationship with the Glass House in San Jose, Kartma had a new home and launched in late 2015.
Downtown Food Closet
In 2012, Downtown Streets Team took over operations of the local Palo Alto Food Closet. For over 25 years the Food Closet has been providing free food to individuals below the poverty line, and doing so with dignity. Food Closet clients may come up to two times per week and will receive an entire bag full of food that is, in most cases, ready to eat. After the Food Closet struggled to remain financially solvent, Downtown Streets Team took over operations. Thanks to the generous support of our community partners and volunteers, the Food Closet has recently expanded it's hours to include Saturday's. The Food Closet remains an important part of DST's mission in ending homelessness. Not only is DST able to provide a remedy to an immediate need, we fill the Food Closet shifts with Team Members. Our Team Members who struggle with physical health conditions are now able to get their work experience through a different approach. P.S. your donation of a truck will also help us in transporting food for the Food Closet!

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Downtown Streets Team (DST) is ending homelessness through the dignity of work. DST's reach expands every day, in part, thanks to endless creativity of it's employees.In his former role as Employment Specialist, Kyle regularly helped place 30+ individuals into employment per year, with over 90% remaining employed (the national average for the same demographic is %14). Those numbers are a testament to the effectiveness of DST's model. Kyle also co-organized a Hack-a-thon called "Called Hack Homelessness" which took place at the Tech Museum in San Jose. See embedded link: Kyle has a passion for teaching individuals valuable skillsets and has spent much of his time developing and leading training training seminars for Team Members and community members. Currently, Kyle is working on launching an Advisory Council to assist with engaging the community and bringing in different perspectives. The Palo Alto Streets Team is also launching a Youth Advisory Council to provide volunteer opportunities for youth and give them a voice in social justice. Kyle sits on the Board of the Palo Alto Business and Professional Association and is an active Chamber Ambassador.