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Reef Life Coral & Coastline Eco-Solutions Restore & Rebuild Oceanic Infrastructure: IntelliReefs With Oceanite Increase Island Resilience Revenues
Coral Growth Habitat Science RLR environmentally compatible materials create coral species growth substrates, mimicking the complex composition of natural coral reefs; customized for specific site or species requirements. Our next gen science provides custom reef habitats and migration abilities where there are currently no correct structures to receive the coral. The scale-able, simple manufacturing capabilities mean coastal communities globally can manufacture, deploy, and plant with farmed coral easily and profitably.

Solution Summary: Our advanced materials and diverse mineral compounds create new restoration solutions for delicate or damaged reef site conditions. We have applied our 20+ years of published expertise and proven manufacturing systems to eco-marine structural restoration of global coastlines and coral reef systems. The reef habitats use specific coral species growth substrates, mimicking the composition of natural coral reefs. The bio-compatibility and bio-mimicry attributes of our proprietary Reef Life substrates can be tailored by the design for required chemical composition and pH. Eco-friendly mineral additives form desired micro- and macro- structures using color and introduction of surface porosity comprises our “coral + fish building blocks,” The smaller habitat units fit like "lego" sections so low cost casting & deployment options are viable, completely scaleable for small island applications, to regional acreage restoration.

Background: Reef Life Restoration (RLR) is a nano science company with proprietary, patent pending IP and cross industry, multiple scale manufacturing processes developed over 20+ years which revolutionizes the future of oceanic infrastructure. RLR is an incredibly agile, vertical niche company holding vast depths of highly diverse technologies which are the basis for the next generation of nano material transformations. Our proprietary applications include advanced construction nano-activation and hydration synthesis, nanomaterial matrices, manufacturing and deployment processes providing advanced high-performance eco-cement materials for applications above and below the ocean’s surface with centuries of durability. The team worked together for over 20 years which brings a solid, cohesive, "trust factor" in assessing a project for risk, solution, timing, profitably and levels of capability. We seek partnerships in solutions providers we can add value to.

Greatest Global Problems: Ocean, Coastal and Reef Resilience The WWF estimates that a quarter of the world's reefs are damaged beyond repair. Coral reefs are critical for the health and preservation of the sea, human life, property, and economic forces in the world economy. Oceans are the largest carbon sinks absorbing 93% of Co2 for storage in algae, coral and vegetation; every second breath we take is cleaned by ocean systems. Over 50% of cancer drugs are ocean grown and new pharmaceuticals are found in oceans daily, jeopardized by climate change, pollution, toxic dumping in oceans. Billions of people depend on coral reefs for food or income, more for vital medicines. Reefs reduce wave energy by an average of 97 percent protecting coastlines from powerful waves and flooding preventing coastal erosion. Half the world population lives within 100 km of the sea, and ¾ of the largest cities are located on a coast.

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Wind Farm Aquaculture Units
OCEAN WIND FARM SUPPORT Solar Powered Vertical Acreage Farm Reef forests & farms are cast with our nano-composites. They are customized for targeted results within a particular site and ecosystem. Growth substrates conducive to oyster, fish, corals or medicines, integrating renewable energy, farming
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Awards and Testimonials :
Reef Repair & Regeneration Projects using compatible reef biology as well as constructing underwater sculpture gardens, and architectural masterpieces for reef diving, the caliber of Ancient Atlantis is very exciting to us as our field of research, reef science on nano levels, combined with long standing construction and stone casting expertise is perfectly suited to reef rebuilding on numerous levels.
Our casting experience and creativity lends itself to reef sculptures, reef defense security walls, reef mooring stations for boats and complete reef science eco systems. Because this is a first in the marine research world, will be a global draw for Marine Biologists, divers, and countries seeking reef repair solutions, and reef species farming, like oyster and clam farms, and fish growth and migration within our reef forests.
The “mimicking” of the structure and composition of coral reefs, creating the thrill of seeing a live reef in action and extrapolating this out to real world reef repair globally will be an interesting draw for both students and reef enthusiasts, as well as tourists, researchers and students of marine biology, which can reinforce the importance of rebuilding our reef systems.
RLR developed smart substrates with variable surface pH values, so that farmed coral out planting can have higher success rates. One notable collaborative research project emerging from these technologies involves Dr. Ruth Gates (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology), who is working to develop technologies involving heat resistant corals. Her team has requested the biodiversity of RLR coral materials and coatings for enhanced coral adaptability. RLR maintains that a diverse set of substrates is necessary for increased coral environments, which promote more fish and species interaction than one material. This innovation process is the reason for striations of mineral layers, thus creating more natural habitat structures which have been requested by several other coral laboratory researchers.
​The smart substrates assemble like architectural ‘LEGO’ units. Each unit can be outfitted with a combination of the novel growth formulations, custom surface topography, and other species-specific features such as farmed coral attachment holes or spawning bed textures. As a result of these customizable features, each smart substrate can be planted with a different species of coral that is able to quickly and effectively reach maturity, and thrive in this specialized environment. Coral Growth Mixture LINK
"The most exciting part is to know that we can now design state of the art and science artificial breakwaters and combine state of the marine science coral restoration to make a living breakwater" Dr. David Vaughan Reef Life Director of Ocean Coral Science
Reef Life Restoration scientists work on diverse mineral and nanoparticle coral compatible growth compounds within our marine cell matrices. Conductivity upgrades and colour formulations also assist in more rapid coral growth.These unique formulas can be easily cast into the reef structures we have created for a site specific problem. This results in quicker coral development, on marine life friendly structures that can be easily installed globally.