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Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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I'm a filmmaker who wants to make a difference. It's not about what the world has to offer to me, it's what I have to offer to the w...


A master of the impossible shot, Michael Miller takes us on astonishing adventures through the lens of a camera. He has been developing his unique visual syntax since he was five years-old, capturing the world from the backseat of his parent's car by making camera frames with his thumbs and forefingers. His passion for film and storytelling grew stronger throughout his youth, which led him to earn a degree in Visual Communications from Hawaii Pacific University in 2005.       The filming for his debut documentary, The Missing Ingredient, started as a mission to document global pollution problems. This project has in return taken him on a six year oceanic and land based journey around the world filming various forms of people, culture, and food. His footage varies from the terra firma of America’s heartland, to ancient temples of South America, through hair-raising experiences of life on the open seas, sailing from the coast of Thailand, and to the shores of Tahiti and Hawaii. He’s recorded the unseen, the ignored, the ignorant, the wise, the environmental heroes and the saboteurs. Stay tuned for the release of this film in 2019. Over the past 15 years, Michael has been filming, editing, and producing films that really showcase his ability to tell stories. His lead camera work on the documentary film Peggy With Love, which won a National Aurora Film Award, reveals his ability to express narrative impact at its most intimate. His short film, Come With Me Now, is a testimony to his perseverance, boldness and vision as a storyteller. Michael proudly represents Global Mana as a lead filmmaker and media advisor. His latest projects currently have him splitting his time between Hawaii and Bali, marketing and developing new recipes for Ecomana's new line of organic gluten free flours. Michael Miller is a complex man with the ability to juggle multiple cinematic projects at once. He feels fortunate to be able to follow his passion though his career- by telling novel and forgotten stories that reveal complex intersections of human cultures, and both the man-made and natural world.

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