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We rescue foxes from fur farms!

What Does Save A Fox Do? 
Put simply, we rescue foxes from fur farms. We make a positive impact by doing these things: 
  • PREPARE: We prepare for fox pups by having all supplies such as formula, feeding syringes, nipples, and blankets. When rescuing foxes over 7 weeks old, we need large spaces and vet appointments ready. 
  • RESCUE: We rescue foxes from many different situations. We rescue sick, injured, and orphaned foxes from fur farms. Ones that the farmers believe would not make it. We take in surrendered foxes that were once pets and originally came from breeders. And we take in, and rescue found pet foxes.  
  • LOVE: The foxes we rescue need love to thrive. Without love, they grow up to be wild and unhandlable. They require lots of attention to stay social with people. 
  • ADOPT: Our goal is to adopt all the foxes out we rescue. The ones who don’t get adopted we try to find sponsors for. Some foxes I rescue tend to be more wild by nature; those are the foxes I would choose not to adopt out.  
Why It Matters 
Foxes are suffering at fur farms.  
But you can help! I encourage you to take a look at the pictures of what it is like for a fox at the fur farm. 
By making a donation you can help the already rescued fur farm foxes thrive. Without donations, I cannot keep up with all the food, medical expenses, and housing for these foxes. Or YOU can rescue your own fur farm fox by adopting or sponsoring. 
Our Success Thus Far: 
After visiting a fur farm I saw first hand their living conditions. Small wire cages; most of which are barely big enough for the foxes to turn around in. They live their whole unpleasant lives never being able to put their feet in the cool dirt, play, run, or frolic about as a fox should. Some never even seeing sunlight (they do this so their fur color does not fade). It was devastating to see such beautiful creatures so bored and not getting any kind of love.  
I knew then what I needed to do. Because of prior years of volunteering, with animal shelters and doing wildlife rehabilitation, I knew what it took to bottle raise the fox pups and how to spot common illnesses like respiratory infections and coccidia. I have a couple exotic vets in my area that work with me to keep my foxes healthy.  
Why Donate To Us? 
A lot of hard work goes into caring for our foxes. We: 
  • Feed the adult foxes a grain free diet every morning with the addition of raw meat and their favorite fruits and vegetables each evening.
  • Take the foxes out of the cages for playtime each day in our a half acre fenced in area.
  • Bottle feeding every three hours 
  • Are constantly upgrading toys and facilities for the foxes
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