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I am Justin The Circler and I teach and perform scared geometry workshops for schools and events. I hand make the tools to teach and host classes.
I have been teaching and practicing sacred geometry for nearly a decade now and have began to get serious about it.  I have held over 50 workshops on the beach and at events, and now do them in schools for children with sidewalk chalk and my custom tools.  The kids love to play and create while I teach geometric techniques and skills.  This is the perfect blend of right/left brain learning, it is truly a learning experience students never forget.  I set the lessons up so students "discover" the deep geometric principals for themselves leaving them with a sense of accomplishment rarely found in our education system.  5th grade teachers have told me, "This is the next big thing in education", and I agree.  Let's live in a world were this type of teaching is encouraged and the teacher can make a living - like in ancient times.  turningcircles123.com

Turning Circles is dedicate to the ancient craft of geoscribing or circling. Join us and play with the hidden world of natural geometry to unveil the mysteries of creation that swirl around us and burn within. We present simple lessons and use basic tools such as sticks, ropes, chalk and sand to widen the rivers of thought in hopes to balance our modern lives with a bit of ancient wisdom. 
Students will draw colorful, geometric designs with jumbo drafting tools on the pavement or scratch the smooth sand focusing on logical intuition, controlled motion, symmetry, shape and creativity within our zero-tech workshops. We hold these workshops for all ages and skill levels from second grade classrooms to college graduates on up to corporate team building events. This is truly for everyone, all who attend will come out seeing the world with more wakeful eyes and an enlightened perspective. 
In our wondrous age of lighting fast information and industrial methods of teaching, Turning Circles offers a refreshing but ancient approach to the beautiful subject of geometry and problem solving. Since our core teachings focus on a timeless subject our methods are simple leaving students in control and giving them a great deal of accomplishment when they complete their first perfect construction that all can admire. They leave their project proud and possessing a lesson that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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5th grade all day event (120 students)
Turning Circles held an all day event at an elementary that went amazing. Teachers now have to buy complete drafting sets for their kids because the children are wanting more experience with geometry. I had 60 kids at a time for 2.5 hours and we got all 120 5th graders that day - Amazing
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Imagine Children's Museum Workshop
I held a hands on workshops for children at the Imagine Children's Museum. Kids and parents could just walk up and take our custom tools and begin to draft on the rubber playground. Teaching geometry has never been so fun!
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Ocean Shores sacred geometry workshop (free)
I hold many of these workshops on the beach for free. This are great events because people get their first hands on experience with sacred geometry. I present geometry concepts with ancient history to have an authentic workshop. My workshops are growing in size due to repeat guests and fans.
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AAS | Mathematics, physics, philosophy
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