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An experienced surfer using the ocean as a means of therapy to help autistic, epileptic and disabled children.


Hello!! I live in a rural part of Nayarit Mexico, just outside the small town of San Blas. Agriculture and fishing are the two primary forms of income in this area. Mango and Jackfruit are the two main agricultural crops. During the mango season the majority of the fruit is exported fresh to the States. A much smaller, but still signifiant portion is processed, dehydrated and exported as dried mango. As a result of this process there is a large amount of mango "waste" by-products, i.e. seeds, skin, pulp that is discarded. At the moment this waste is trucked several times a day away from the processing plant and thrown into a hole to rot. I have researched the possible uses of these waste products and there are many possible products that could be developed from them, including mango flour, mango butter, mango oil, which have potential uses in the baking and cosmetic industries. I'm looking for parties interested in purchasing these raw materials, or working on developing a product from them.I would like to find a way to turn this waste into a valuable, marketable product. 


In addition to the waste by products produced by the mango dehydration plants there is also a massive amount of fruit that is not picked and simply left to rot. This is due to the sad fact that in the past few years export prices for mango has dropped to the point where it is not financially viable for the farmers to hire workers to pick the fruit. Last summer the price for a 20kg crate of mangos was $60 pesos, about $3 USD. At these prices all but the largest farmers literally cannot afford to pay their workers to pick the fruit, a very sad situation, which greatly affects the economic health of the entire area. Ideally I would like to find a way to help these farmers find more fair market prices and at the same buy bad fruit from them from which the seeds and peels can be utilized in some profitable way.



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International Studies | Latin America
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