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Makawao, Hawaii, United States
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I passionately pursue an inspired & purposeful life on the abundant island of Maui. I am an advocate for creative solutions to extraordinary...


I live acutely attuned with the Maui environment and share my lifestyle with amazing people from all walks of life. I host guests in my home from all over the world and create lasting relationships through shared adventures and engaged conversation. I share an inspired and healthy lifestyle and offer guests opportunities for exploring, cycling, snorkeling, hiking, cooking, gardening, and paddle boarding. I am aligned to the natural rhythms and abundant resources around me and live closer to my instinctive nature here; I collect my produce and water as close to the source as possible. Maui inherently encourages living a thoughtful, healthy, and creative lifestyle which I get to share with guests, often coming from radially different realities. I share my passionate connection with nature, health and advocate the importance of environmental conservation. I want to help the world by living an authentic, healthy and simplified lifestyle-deeply connected with the natural world. I want to share an environmentally conscious and nutritious approach to life. I am a creative and passionate baker, who wants to plants seeds and inspire people to create for themselves. I want to share, collaborate with different cultures and encourage people to get creative with their immediate resources within. This world is in desperate need of healing the bodies, hearts and souls of our compadres. Disease, drug addition and emotional trauma has created a humanity incredibly disconnected from their original nature. We have created a culture of disregard for ourselves, one another and our natural resources. This has caused great destruction of our earth, our health and has prompted large amounts of civil unrest worldwide. I am very interested and passionate about designing space, especially with alternative renewable materials. I built and operated a small bamboo boutique resort in South Thailand in 2008-2012. Myself, along with my partner, hand cleared the jungle, dug out flats for construction, harvested bamboo, transported all materials, built 5 bamboo bungalows, an open-aired kitchen, and cocktail bar on a tiny private beach. We finished the project over the course of a year and immediately opened our doors to the world. I found myself organizing personalized boat safari adventures and sharing traditional thai cuisine/techniques to our guests. I thrive in cross-cultural scenarios and cherish the knowledge imparted by the hundreds of guests hosted over the years. The vast spectrum of people and flavors of the world are what light me up. My mission includes creating a beautiful, inspiring, and soothing green space, where an exchange of flavors can be recorded, produced and distributed. I want to share my profound love and deep connection to the natural world and promote sustainable harvesting of alternative ingredients. My mission is to experiment with new ingredients and combine the flavors of the world. I want to collaborate, create and cook with different cultures with a focus on healthy and innovative ways for people to use their resources in ways not previously considered.


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Global College, Long Island University
B. A. Global Studies | Coral Reef Ecology
2004 - 2007