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Santa rosa, California, United States
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I've worked in the hospitality industry most of my adult life. I believe the little things matter, it's important to have fun and be kind.
I grew up in the Sierra Nevadas of California and today I call Sonoma County home. 
In recent years I have dove into creative pursuits revolved around textiles. When I was a child my mom had a vintage clothing store for a short stint and I found myself lugging around textiles all throughout college. At some point, from financial freedom, and encouragement from friends I started allowing myself time to create. I found true Joy from the accomplishment of creating a garmet start to finish, no patterns purchased. This lead me to learning more about our fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world- next to big oil. I've struggled if I even want to be a part of it, but I do. My ever-changing college majors always revolved around the enviornment, which I care about greatly and believe we all have a place in protecting it. The fashion industry is changing and I want to be a part of the positive change. There are insane amounts of unused fabric bolts sitting in warehouses around the world deemed unfit by the large companies whom had the fabric made, maybe it became out of season before they could make all one billion t-shirts or it just wasn't quite the right hue. The issues are much larger than just waste though- they stem from the cultivation of fibers to the senseless transportation several times around the world before you pull the blouse over your shoulders, the harsh chemicals used to give your wears their vibrancy -probably dyed in a country whose enviormental regulations are lax... not to mention the conditions many individuals work and live in to seam together our outfits so they can come with a price tag that one might think of it as disposable. Some of us might think about our food waste or purchasing organic eats but ive found we fall short in our lack of awareness in these things when it comes to our clothing. I want to create a clothing line that provides individuals the opportunity to vote with their dollar and in turn becomes a walking advertisement creating awareness about our fashion industry through talking with consumers who might pass on the message every time someone says "Hey- rad sweatshirt!" There are many small companies and individuals where you can already do this and if you're interested in buying your next outfit in this manner reach out to me and I'll send some recommendations your way! Or just visit your local second hand store ♻️
I also enjoy gardening, watching a flower bloom or a fruit rippen truely makes me happy especially when I get to share this Joy with friends and family. 
Sometimes I struggle with wanting to accomplish all of these positive changes and simply not being able to do it all, that's why I'm stoked to be introduced to this platform, projects for good, because it's a great reminder of how much we can do together, one good thing at a time, no matter how big or small. 
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Alta Handmade
Alta handmade originally was an acronym for Alternative, Lake Tahoe, Apparel. I resided in Tahoe when I began to pursue this vision and the name allowed me to tie things back to my roots, growing up in a small town, Alta Ca in the Sierra Nevadas.
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