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Savannah, Georgia, United States
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I began my journey of helping those in need 5 years ago after the sudden passing of my sister. My mission is to spread love to others in my communi...

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I’m a licensed cosmetologist, living in Savannah, Georgia-and I enjoy being able to give back by doing free haircuts for those in need. I feel joy from spreading love and my motto is: “When you look good, you feel good!”  I’m interested in being a positive impact in people’s lives and sharing my story with those in my local community. My sister was 25 when she committed suicide, I decided to do these works in her memory to hopefully help someone struggling with similar silent epidemics. No one expected for it to happen, Bonnie Marie Ramien will never be forgotten! My goal is to shine light on suicide awareness, depression/anxiety, mental health disorders, sexual assault and domestic violence. Most people don’t like to speak up about these issues in their lives and they silently suffer to the point of separation from the outside world and they feel trapped. I am here to listen, I am here to help in any way that I can. I am here to spread love by offering my services and an ear to hear your story. Join me on December 28, 2019 from 11am-2pm at Savannah High in Savannah Georgia. Share with me and I will gladly offer my hair cutting  & basic nailcare services, alongside other licensed professionals chair massages, a warm meal, a blanket and some personal care items! Be you, be free and be beautiful! Come out of the darkness and allow me to listen!
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Helping the homeless 2018
Here are some of last years volunteers servicing haircuts to those in need.
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Helping the homeless 2018
Here’s an example of last years event/myself servicing a manicure to one of our guests.


Virginia College
Master Certificate | Cosmetology