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African Children's Haven is committed to helping African children lead healthier, more productive lives.

African Children's Haven serves more than 700 children and their families. Our projects focus on the most vulnerable members of society, especially orphans and girls. Because we ourselves are small, we can provide services directly to children that might not otherwise receive support from large non-profits or international donors. Each of our projects focus on initiatives that are community-based and are run by local people. As a general rule, we support grassroots efforts that are unlikely to receive support from large international donors. Each provides a variety of services all of which are geared to protecting vulnerable children, especially orphans and girls.  


In 2006, we decided to raise $3,000 for an orphanage then being set up to help 25 African children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We had no idea that today we’d be helping hundreds of children and their families working through ten community projects. We also didn’t realize that our fledgling organization, African Children's Haven, would grow so quickly or gain the support of so many people around the world. Today, African Children's Haven is helping more than 700 kids in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Our work includes support for education, health and sanitation, and, perhaps, most importantly the care and safety of children put at risk by disease, neglect, and violence.


To expedite the work we've put in place a network of colleagues who work directly with our projects to ensure that donor funds are well spent.  These “associates” all work as unpaid volunteers. Each of the projects we support were founded and are run by local people and most do not receive financial help from large non-profits or government aid programs. And, because our organization is small our operating costs are low. Ninety cents of every dollar raised goes directly to helping kids. We also help our partners raise their own funds and manage their money effectively, a process that builds the capacity of our African partners and helps ensure their futures.

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Since 2009, we’ve provided scholarships for hundreds of deserving youngsters. For a small non-profit, funding can be a challenge, but it’s well worth it. Educating children, especially girls and young women, provides long-term results that enhance family well-being and helps to grow communities. In Tanzania, for example, nine out of ten of our first female scholarship recipients – orphans all – are now in college or university studying medicine, nursing and accounting.
Preventing Childhood Marriage and Genital Mutilation
Our partners at Mission With A Vision in rural Kenya do a great job protecting girls who have run away from home to escape genital cutting and childhood marriage. Over the past 20 years, the Mission has helped more than 1,100 Kenyan teens and pre-teens. Working with few resources, but with an unreserved commitment to the well-being of children, the Mission’s staff works tirelessly — frequently at great personal risk — to safeguard and educate local youngsters through high school and beyond. Wherever possible, efforts are also made to work with community elders to help the girls reconcile with their families, a delicate task that frequently requires months of negotiation and counseling.
Supporting Teachers
Providing scholarships is one way to help children, but supporting their teachers is just as important. Each year, African Childrens Haven helps pay the salaries and health insurance for hard-working teachers at small community-run schools located in slum neighborhoods. Each of these teachers works under difficult conditions for very small pay. We help by ensuring that they’re paid on time and by providing a bit of security for their families. It’s a great investment that helps keep great teachers in the classroom doing what they do best.

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