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Guy Dumas (Nimihito Pinesiw) is originally from the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (Treaty 6) and currently resides on Manitoulin Island, Wikwemikon...


What Does Indigenous Hemp Offer?

We help hemp farmers, manufacturers, and distributors give medicine to the earth, create jobs, and promote hemp consumption so that the current and future generations can enjoy all of the natural gifts of the EARTH.

Your Living Environment

At the heart of all things is health and well-being. Our relatives moving on the spirit world have said, it's all about health. Your environment is both animate and inanimate. Without going into detail about the two distinctions, Let's just focus on the animate. The clothes you have on, the bed you sleep in, the blankets you use, the walls in your room, the home or building itself, and so forth all release particles. These particles are the ingredients in making all of those things I just mentioned and most of them are based on fossil fuels and other chemical ingredients to keep it together. There is just no way to get away from this since there are none or very few options than to consume what we have.

The Struggle

Let's contiue with our own personal health. I developed adult onset diabetes in my mid - 40's and have been managing the issue since then. Prior to all of this I ate healthy, exercised and was a non-smoker. What happened? Some say, genetics. Others say, the environment. And, others, say it's what you ate. All very good possibilities.


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Laurentian University
Bachelor of Business Administration | Business
2002 - 2007
Cape Breton University
Master of Business Administration | Community Economic Development
2014 - 2018


Certifications and Registrations
Industrial Hemp License #18-DO129-C-01
Received: February 8, 2018